Today I piloted a real 737 aircraft, and flew through Jamaica from Kingston to Montego Bay –without any prior experience at all!! It was nerve-racking, exciting, thrilling and 100% risk free!

flight shot

How so? Well, I didn’t exactly leave Toronto… I just had my first ever flight simulation experience at Threshold Aviation and I really do feel like I know how to fly now! –Not that I would attempt that just yet. In fact, I couldn’t exactly make my landing and overshot the runway, so I’m definitely not a real pilot by any means, but the whole experience did feel very real.  Check out the video, capturing our visit:

I used to think flight simulation experiences were for pilots in training, and although it is, it can also be for individuals of any age looking for something fun to do. Depending on your interest, you can make the entire experience as educational or exciting as you want it to be.   For me, I wanted a fun learning to fly experience, where I could see what its like to spot the runway from the sky when approaching your destination (turns out its still hard to find, and you rely a lot on your equipment for help!).  Overall, for not knowing what to expect from a simulation experience, I had a really good time and was truly amazed at how life-like everything seemed, and would definitely go back to work on my landing skills!

If you are in the Toronto Area and looking to try out a flight simulation experience for yourself, I would highly recommend visiting Threshold Aviation, and here’s why:

  • They are the only simulation company that uses a real 737 cockpit that used to fly for a real airline (the whole thing has history!)
  • They don’t charge you anything extra to take off or land from anywhere in the world
  • The staff is super friendly, knowledgeable, and have a passion for aviation (some were/are actual pilots)
  • Your proof of purchase is a boarding pass, which you can keep as a souvenir (a fun bonus!)
  • The company is also an aviation store so you can buy anything aviation related to help you remember the experience or help pursue your aviation interests!

Based on my personal experience, this activity is good for:  All ages (6yrs+), date nights, family outings, client relations, friends, seniors, most gift ideas (birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, fathers day) life lessons, things to do, new experiences


  • Before arriving, decide where you want to fly to (there are over 200,000 airports to choose from!)
  • Consider flying over cities rather than water, its more interesting to see.
  • Try flying through a cloud
  • The plane can crash, its not overly traumatic but just keep it in mind depending on your surrounding audience
  • When on the ground, don’t hold the steering wheel, it’ll help you remember to steer with your feet!
  • Dress comfortably, you’ll be sitting for about an hour or so (depending on your package)
  • Though the plane doesn’t actually move, you can get slightly nauseous by watching the screen, especially if you make sudden and extreme movements
  • There is free parking in front of the store
  • There is an Arizona Grill restaurant and Coffee Time in the same plaza
  • You can bring up to 5 people with you during a simulation session
  • The Captains seat is on the left
Matt & Andrea

If you do end up visiting Threshold Aviation, let us know in the comments!!

215 Carlingview Dr. #110
Toronto, Ontario M9W 5X8
905.673.3315 |


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