Going to Formula Kartways with a group of friends is as good as your birthday and Christmas combined! The indoor multi-curve track, fast karts, staff and podium ceremony at Formula Kartways made this experience one of my favourite memories of 2016! I would without question recommend this place to anyone looking to do something fun with a few friends of any and all ages (my friends in this video are all between 30-35 years old, yet their competitive drive and excitement make them look like happy little children!). According to the info on Formula Kartways website, they are open 99.9% of the year (they are only closed on Christmas), and you can drop by in the evenings during the week and or 1pm on weekends.

If I was to recommend anything to you, based on my experience, it is way more fun to do something like this with a group of friends or even co-workers for the sake of competition! — Also because seven drivers on the track is way more exciting than just two or three (you can book a group session anytime!).

If you have never been to Formula Kartways or GoKarting, here are a few of my tips to help you have the best time:

– Avoid wearing any loose clothing or jewelry, you don’t want anything getting caught while racing
– Don’t bring your phone or keys with you while you race, you risk losing it, breaking it, or it digging into you.
– Girls: wear a sports bra or one that doesn’t clasp at the back!
– Bring grip gloves for the steering wheel, or ask to borrow a pair
– Take your foot off the gas when rounding the corners for smoother more controlled turns
– Don’t follow the person in front of you if you want to overtake them, do the opposite of whatever they do
– It’ll probably take you two full laps to figure out the Karts and get used to them
– If your legs aren’t too long, you should be able to get a back cushion, which also makes for a more comfortable ride!
– If you have your own motorcycle helmet, you can wear your own (but FK’s helmets all looked pretty new– and some even had GoPro mounts on them!!
– Bring snacks for in between your races, they just have vending machines there. But if you book a group party then you can cater in their large private event room
– If you are sensitive to gas fumes and it really bothers you, bring a facemask
– Make sure you visit with a big group of friends!

If you decide to visit FK let me know what your experience is like, and or any other tips you may have to help first-timers, in the comments—also make sure you tell me what position you ranked, did you get the 1st place trophy? I wanna know!

For all the details on Formula Kartways, check out their website: www.formulakartways.com

FK Address & Phone Number:
79 Bramsteele Rd, Brampton, ON L6W 3K6
1 (844) KARTWAYS
(905) 459-1073

*To book a group of 7 or more press 1 for sales and or inquire online at http://formulakartways.com/book-an-event.html

I hope you have as good of a time as we did!


Written by andreajenna

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