Trying out Bubble Ball at PVP Sports was probably one of the funniest and exhausting things I have done in awhile! If you’ve ever wondered what its like to be in a safety bubble, or just wanted to take out your aggression on your friends in a safe and hilarious way, well this is your chance. PVP Sports is a brand new company with a fun and friendly staff, located in Richmond Hill. They have a huge warehouse space for all the activities they offer: Nerf Wars, Archery Tag and what we did, Bubble Soccer. Despite being in a warehouse, the facility is really clean and all the equipment is brand new and well taken care of—saw them clean and sanitize all the equipment and space, after our game. I didn’t know what to expect going into PVP Sports, but was pleasantly surprised, and would definitely go back to check out some of their other games.

Great for: Groups of friends, Office Parties, Birthdays.

Tips for Bubble Soccer—
– Don’t just look at the ball, you’ll easily get knocked over
– Tie up your hair, otherwise you’ll become the centre of a static ball
– Wear light athletic clothes, it gets pretty warm in the balls
– Duck low if someone is running at you
– Always hold onto the handles, or you’ll end up smacking yourself in the face!
– Wear unique socks! Also grip socks would probably be really helpful
– Bring lots of water
– If you jump and launch at someone, chances are you’ll be more airborne
– Never hit from behind

If you decide to go to PVP let me know in the comments! I hope you have as much fun as we did ?

PVP Sports
100 Granton Dr., Unit 3, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1H7
(647) 531-4845

Written by andreajenna

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