It was a cold, rainy day in fall when I was hanging out with two friends wondering what we could do this very day for fun. To get some idea of our options, we turned to our source for random fun discounted activity suggestions—Groupon. From the limited listing of things to do featured on the site, we stumbled upon the Archery Academy of Canada, and gave them a call wondering if we could make a same day booking.



Being a small business, the owner of the facility answered the call, and was very pleasant to speak to. He informed us that they had a few large groups coming for their small staff to handle (it was a Saturday after all), and advised that another day would be best. Yet, determined to do something and now excited about the idea of Archery, I was a little persistent with my same day booking request. Accommodating, friendly and soft-spoken the owner figured out a way to oblige my request and gave us a time to come in.

Not sure if our situation will work for others, it probably is best to book in advance to guarantee a preferred timeslot. If you are interested in visiting the Archery Academy of Canada you can fill out the registration form here. There is also a waiver you may have to fill out, and that can also be accessed from the site.

Alternatively you can call the company directly:
Business line: 416-551-1610
Cell: 416-389 -7004


Getting There

The Archery Academy is located at 2781 Highway 7W, Unite 2, Concord, ON Canada, L4K1W1

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It is easily accessible off of highway 7 between two restaurants Stakeland and IL Fernaio, next to a Husky gas Station. The building itself does not have a sign for The Archery Academy of Canada, but if you search for the building number and keep your eyes out for the restaurants and gas station you’ll easily find it. There are plenty of amenities around the facility if you are looking for banks, restaurants and or whatever else you may need—heck there’s a Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart and Ikea all nearby!


The Facility

The facility is simply decorated, strictly the items you need for your lessons and or shooting practice, with a few hunter embellishments placed on the floor in corners of the building. There are floor to ceiling windows along one side of the room, providing lots of natural light if you are closest to them, and florescent lights throughout the entire space.

The massive room is divided into sections for individual group space, without completely separating you from other patrons. It’s a low-key, friendly environment that lets you enjoy time with your friends, while possibly making some new ones! While we were there the staff even made bags of popcorn and offered water bottles for everyone to enjoy.


The Staff

The staff mainly consists of Sana Khan & Megan Oliveria, both NCCP and OAA professionally certified archery instructors. Both are incredibly friendly, easy-going and avid hunters.

Our instructor was Sana, the owner of the facility. You can tell he is passionate about archery, and wants patrons to enjoy themselves and fall in love with the sport as well. Easy to understand, knowledgeable and patient he provided our group with individual attention and the right amount of encouragement. It never felt like he was supervising us, nor did he hover over us the entire time. In fact he took part in cheering us on, and calling you out if you made a bad shot—in a supportive way that made it feel like he was part of the group!



Running out to Archery Academy of Canada on a whim, made for a memorable Saturday with friends! The indoor facility makes it a perfect activity destination all year round. The friendly staff, reasonable price and challenging sport made for an overall enjoyable experience. It is a great place and activity for people of all ages, celebrating all types of occasions. Whether it’s groups of friends, staff appreciation events, families, birthdays—even a first date, you are sure to have fun.



  • Make sure you advise your trainer the length of time you intend to shoot for, as the rates are per hour.
  • Always be mindful of your inner elbow while holding the bow—turn your your elbow out to avoid injuries
  • Ask for gloves if your fingers hurt
  • Don’t grip the bow too hard
  • Make sure to always bring the arrow to the anchor point (the side of your lip), despite fears it wont scratch the side of your face.
  • It could help to do some push-ups before you come out to help with your upper body strength (or in between shooting if that doesn’t seem embarrassing to you!), which would help avoid soreness the next day!


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