You aren’t abnormal if you fear getting shot by an arrow, making some people apprehensive of Archery Tag—but I promise you, it does NOT hurt. If you watch our video experience at Archery District, you will see a 6yr old get hit in the facemask with an arrow, and all she does is wait to get tagged back in (we were playing Medic at the time) and then picks up an arrow and keeps shooting.

What really surprised us about Archery District Mississauga is just how big the place is. You’ll see our reactions in the video and it’s definitely something worth mentioning, as it really is quiet impressive. The facility has two arenas, a lounge, a bar, and target practice options—the entire space is about 20000 square feet!

The best part about Archery Tag at Archery District is that they keep it fun for all ages (minimum age is 6), and despite how mixed the age group is, it does not interfere with the game at all. The games go by pretty quickly as you play a series of mini games with different objectives, keeping you on your toes and constantly challenged. There are about nine different games you can play during a session; we managed to get through about five within our game time.

The staff is amazingly friendly, helpful and caring. They made sure everyone was having a good time, knew how to shoot and play, and were concerned with your safety. After Kady (the 6 year old) was hit in the facemask, our game ref checked in with her to make sure she was okay. During our visit, the owner Elliott Howard was around to help out with our training and took part in our game. You can tell he’s really passionate about Archery, and just wants everyone to have a good time. While talking to him after our game, he told us about some of the changes he’ll be making to enhance the experience for seasoned players, which just goes to show you how invested in the sport he actually is.

My Recommendation—
If you’re looking for something fun and active to do with any group of people: friends, co-workers, family, then a trip to Archery District is an experience you wont regret.

Tips for Archery Tag:

  • Always look forward
  • Backpedal out of the safety zone
  • Keep your elbow out, otherwise you’ll going to get snapped by the bow string
  • Load your bow on an angle
  • Try not to look down at your bow while loading your arrow
  • Watch all sides even while hiding
  • Get a full draw to maximum your shooting distance
  • Wear athletic clothes and runners
  • Make sure you arrive 30 minutes before your game
  • Bring your ID for waiver release forms

If you are planning to visit Archery District in Mississauga, here’s some quick and handy info—

Archery District Mississauga
3636 Hawkestone Rd, Unit B
Mississauga, ON L5C 2V2
Phone (905) 615-9071

Hours of Operation
Monday: By Booking Only
Tuesday-Wednesday: 4pm – 9pm
Thursday: 4pm – 12am
Friday: 4pm – 1am
Saturday: 10am – 1am
Sunday: 10am – 1am



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